Images Of Cracked Heat Exchangers

images of cracked heat exchangers


Images Of Cracked Heat Exchangers >





















































Images Of Cracked Heat Exchangers


Why An Entire Blog Post About Cracked Heat Exchangers? There are many companies, as we are finding more and more these days, that just want to scare homeowners into buying a new furnace while under pressure during the coldest part of the winter. 8. He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer. (required*) First and Last Name* Phone Number* Email Address Service Request: Send Request Please Wait. I dont have firm numbers to back up this next statement, so this is just a guess. While heat exchangers are typically manufactured to last between 10 – 20 years, many factors can accelerate the process of heat exchanger failure. The reason that Vincent’s is willing to put up such ‘high stakes’ is because of the confidence in their equipment and their procedure. (The blower would be energized by either a temperature control or a timer that would wait a pre-selected period of time before bringing the blower on. Airis always pushedinto the heat exchanger whenever the blower is running. RELATED POSTS: Furnace Certifications Might Be Useless Does A Better Inspection Increase Liability? Houses Dont Need CO2 Detectors Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections Email Twin Cities Home Inspector About the Author Biography facebook twitter linkedin Reuben Reuben is a second generation home inspector with a passion for his work.


The design takes into account the average or expected resistance of the duct work and the air-conditioning coil. This is a requirement, is part of theFuel Gas Codesand is ultimately not negotiable. In really bad cases the concussion can blow the access panels off the front of the furnace. After all, if Vincent’s has given you their word and ‘put their money where their mouth is’ (with the 100% Free Heat Exchanger Warranty), then the contradicting company should be willing to do no less. Some mechanics simply watch the burner flames as the blower starts. If someone turns the equipment back on, the gas police wont come knocking at the door later that day. Im not advocating that we shouldnt replace defective furnaces we should.


*Note: The 100% Free Heat Exchanger Warranty is one that has never had to be invoked. This is a first sign of failure. Do HVAC businesses lock out furnaces? Sometimes. Might be a new furnace, or just a heat exchanger (labor extra, of course), but youre going to have to buy something. The point is: incomplete combustion is what produces CO, not cracks. ..


Although both of these situations, for other reasons, are a hazard, in either case, the amount of secondary air is increased, which leans the flame out and reduces CO. A heat exchanger hole could also blow out a pilot or keep a row or two of burners from igniting and cause an explosion. Yearly and routine maintenance will certainly prolong the life of your heating system but will also guarantee safe operation all winter long. If a heating company unscrupulously disabled a furnace in an attempt to strong-arm the sale of a new furnace, I would take serious issue with that. It never causes an issue, though, because it has very little effect on equipment operation. If you want to give your service technician a bad day, ask him how the carbon monoxide is supposed to get through the hole or crack in the heat exchanger if the blower is pushing air around and over the heat exchanger and thats what hes using to check its integrity. Should I get a second opinion from another company? If you are still uncertain after understanding Vincent’s policy and procedure to give you 100% confidence in their diagnosis, then by all means have another company give you a second opinion. Site by Thrive, a Boise Web Design Co. 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Our maintenance programs cover gas pressure adjustments, general/light cleaning of the air movement systems which allow greater airflow across the heat exchanger.


When the blower comes on, it forces air into those splits and causes the burner flames to roll out into the front of the heat exchanger. It is usually an indicator of more trouble in the future, and should NOT be taken lightly. He specializes in saving customers money, time, and heartache. Dominick Guarinois chairman and CEO of National Comfort Institute, a national training, and certification organization focused on air diagnostics, CO and combustion, and IAQ. What about a Carbon Monoxide Alarm? Relying on a CO Alarm is not an acceptable solution for a bad heat exchanger. 8ea806a005

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